On December 6th, a cooperation framework signing ceremony regarding nuclear power plant control element drive mechanism (CRDM) research and industrialization was held in DEC science and technology exhibition hall between China Nuclear Power Technology Research Institute (CNPTRI) that subordinated to China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (CGNPC) and Dongfang Turbine Corporation Limited (DTC), which witnessed a deepened brand new cooperation achievement between CGNPC and DEC in the nuclear industry. Both parties are scheduled to strengthen the influence and competitiveness of independent R&D as well as manufacturing capability of nuclear power equipments through the strategic cooperation in ACPR1000 and ACPR1000+ projects with respect to R&D, industrialization and market projects.
  Mr. Huang Wei, Committee Member of DEC Group and Deputy General Manager of DEC; Mr. Gao Feng, Vice President of DEC Ltd. and Mr. Wang Hong, General Manager of Nuclear Power Division of DEC jointly attended the signing ceremony.
  Prior to the ceremony, both parties made extensive communications regarding issues related to the follow-up project cooperation between each other. Mr. Zhao Hua spoke highly the willingness of CGNPC to enhance further cooperation with DEC and expressed his wishes that, through joint efforts, both parties shall make active contributions to the development of the 3rd generation nuclear power technology with Chinese proprietary intellectual property rights. Mr. Gao Feng extended his sincere gratitude for the long-lasting support and help that CGNPC offered to DEC over the years and hopes that based on the principle of “complementary advantages and win-win strategy”, jointly pushing forward the localization of Chinese nuclear power equipments.
  On behalf of each party, Mr. Huang Wen, Assistant General Manager of CNPTRI and Mr. Wang Jianlu, Deputy General Manager of DTC signed on the agreement respectively.

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