On December 20th, Mr. Si Zefu, President of DEC visited Guangzhou China Power Li Xin Project at site with Mr. Cai Tongzhou, Vice General Manager of DEC Ltd. International, together with Ms. Li Xiaolin, Chairman of FSA Board of China Power International Development Co. Ltd., Mr. Yang Dandi, Chairman of Guangzhou Development Group Incorporation, they jointly witnessed a historic moment--the completion ceremony of China Power Li Xin 2×300MW class CHP project (comprehensive environmental protectional treatment of Xintang Dyeing Industry by “developing large units and suppressing small ones” ). Ms. Li and Mr. Yang sang high praise for the said project and expressed the willingness of further cooperation with DEC.

The EPC of China Power Li Xin 2×300MW class CHP project is located at the pro-environmental industrial park of Xintang county, Zengcheng town, Guangzhou city. The aforesaid project was commenced on November 16th, 2009 and later the first tank of concrete was placed on September 8th, 2010. Over the past two years, through thorough deployment, careful arrangement, meticulous designing, painstaking construction and intensive commissioning, adhering to the philosophy “build a project, cultivate a monument” and practicing the DEC spirit “24 hours full-time service”, DEC as the EPC contractor together with the rest participating parties, finally got through successfully the 168-hour trial running on August 11th, 2012 and October 25th, 2012 respectively and handed over the project to the client for operation. Unpon completion, the project is capable of steam supply of 340 tons, realizing central heating for dyeing enterprises in Xintang area. By then, over 200 small-scale industrial boilers utilized by those dyeing enterprises will be shut down, which helps decreasing annually the disposal of sulfur dioxide of 27,000 tons, nitrogen oxide of 5612 tons, soot and dust of 526,000 tons, substantially ameliorating the ambient air quality and is greatly conducive to regional environmental management. Meanwhile, the successful operation of the said project has rendered 3.5 billion KWH more annual on-grid energy to the region, forming the largest power pillar in Zengcheng town and is reckoned as a strong support for local economic development.

Prior to the presence of the aforesaid project ceremony, Mr. Si Zefu investigated the heavy cross workshop of Dongfang Heavy Machinery Corporation (DFHM) under the company of Mr. Tang Wei, General Manager of DFHM, and made in-depth exchanges with cadres and workers in regards to NI/CI equipment manufacturing as well as operating management assessments.
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