On 16 May, at the wharf of Dongfang Electric (Guangzhou) Heavy Machinery Corporation Limited (DFHM)—the nuclear power equipment manufacturing and shipping base of DEC, an over 500-ton steam generator (SG) of the 3G nuclear power technology was hoisted gradually onto the freighter. It is the very first SG of the 3G EPR (European pressurized water reactor) nuclear power units that accomplished localization of manufacturing.

EPR units shall be reckoned as one of the most advanced PWR internationally with 4-loop arranged in a single unit. Each unit with 1750 MW capacity and 4 SGs, is believed to be the largest NPP capacity per unit along with better security and economical efficiency. Drawn from the 30-year operational experience of the international NPPs, EPR units technically improved its safety through lowering the reactor core meltdown and probability of serious accident to enhance the capability of containments. The said units also fundamentally bettered the operational conditions via radioactive protection, waste treatment, maintenance and melioration, deduction of human errors and so on., thereby equipped the units with greater safety assurance, economical efficiency, technical maturity and performance reliability.

Taishan EPR project is the first EPR units under construction in China and the third EPR Nuclear power project across the globe. On 30 June 2009, DFHM formally signed Taishan EPR project SG Supply Contract and established an EPR project office mainly in charge of commissioning and manufacturing of the said SG. Over the past 3 years, DFHM has overcome a series of technological challenges such as TIG welding, quality control of tube sheet seal welding and so on. Upon the delivery of the said SG, DFHM has successfully finished its first delivery of Nuclear Island equipment to Taishan Project right after the completion of MSR for Taishan Project in 2012, turning a new leaf for the successful R&D of 3G nuclear power SG in China and demonstrating to the world DFHM’s strong competence in R&D of nuclear island equipments.

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