On 8 June,2013, Hebi 2×660MW Ultra-supercritical Thermal Power Plant Main Equipment Contract Signing Ceremony of Henan Investment Group was convened in Zhengzhou City. Mr. Fan Xiufang, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Hebi City, Mr. Zhu Lianchang, GM of Henan Investment Group Co., Ltd, Mr. Zhang Zhiying, Executive Vice President of DEC Ltd. presented at the said ceremony.

Mr. Zhang Zhiying addressed at the meeting and expressed that DEC shall earnestly fulfill the contract obligations, making solid pre-technical and pre-productive preparations, so as to return the trust and support that Henan Investment Group laid upon DEC with qualified products and timely delivery. Under substantial support of governmental support of Hebi City, DEC is bound to sincerely cooperating with Henan Investment Group and guaranteeing the successful operation of the forthcoming projects, thereby making due contribution to the economic development of Hebi City.

Mr. Li xingjia, Deputy GM of Henan Investment Group Co., Ltd and Mr. Zhang Zhiying respectively signed at the contract on behalf of each Party.

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