On June 27, 2013, the signing ceremony for 2X1000MW class TG Package contract for Liaoning Xudapu AP1000 nuclear power plant Project Phase I was held in DEC Science and Technology Exhibition center. Relevant Heads and guests, namely, General Manager of CNPE Mr. Liu Wei, Deputy General Manager of CNPE Mr. Zhong Hua, CNNC Liaoning Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhou Jianhu, DEC Chairman Mr. Wang Ji, President of DEC Ltd. Mr. Wen Shugang were present at  and witnessed the said ceremony.
Hosted by DEC Ltd. VP Mr. Gao Feng, representatives then signed at the contract on behalf of each party.
Xudapu Nuclear Power Plant Project is the first AP1000 nuclear power project called for bid after the resumption of nuclear power projects in China. The award of the said contract marked a further deepening of strategic cooperation between CNNC and DEC; represents a critical progress of DEC in nailing the AP1000 market and exhibiting its competitive competence; and laid solid foundation for DEC to welcome a new round of development in Chinese nuclear power.
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