On 25 September, Mr. Wen Shugang, Executive director and president of DEC Ltd. led teams of six colleagues from the board office, marketing and sales department, and dept. of finance to attend the annual meeting in Chengdu held by the 20-20 investment association. The 20-20 investment association ( Russell 20-20) is the ever first top-notch institute that gathered senior and best investors aiming at exploring investment opportunities in the emerging markets, the members of which are the most prestigious and influential institutional investors, including GPFG,Endowment Fund, Pew Charitable Trusts, SOHO, Money management organization, with the investment capital exceeding US$8000 billion.
In-between the meeting, Mr. Wen Shugang briefed the attendees from 25 global top institutes of 60 investors of the operational status of the company, making comparative analysis based on the business indicator statistics, and exchanged in-depth with the attendees regarding the product structure, new products, nuclear markets, orders at hand, sustained profits and business developments. The activity greatly raised the interest of the overseas investors and enhanced the recognition of foreign investors towards DEC, thus expanding the brand influence of the company in the international capital market.
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