On 10 October 2013, the tenth meeting of the seventh Board of DEC Ltd. unanimously approved the proposal to issue A Share Convertible Bonds of RMB 4 Billion and released the latest news to the capital market. It shall be deemed another significant corporate financial and capital utilization right after the"The trilogy" that DEC Ltd. has leveraged in the capital market.

Initiated from the year 2013, with full deliberation and repeated consideration, DEC Ltd. made the proposal to issue A Share Convertible Bonds of RMB 4 Billion. To smoothly facilitate the project, the working team was founded and kick-off meeting convened on 9 October 2013. Presently the scheme has passed the approval from the board meeting, released in the capital market, and will be submitted to the final consideration and approval from the EGM that to be take place on 19 December.

The advantage of A Share Convertible Bonds, a variety of financing that encouraged most by the regulatory body lies in its high efficiency, low cost of financing and low risk of issuance. The IPO projects that targeted at the overseas engineering projects, power plant service projects, and R&D of new products are also directed by the “three shifts”, symbolizing the strategic move of the company.

The IPO project was moving forward with steady progress. Due diligence investigation related meeting was also held on 1 November 2013. It is firmly believed that the company competitiveness and profitability, risk defensiveness will be further enhance with the successful implementation of the said IPO projects.

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