On 17 January 2014, Mr. Si Zefu, Chairman of the company, chaired the 11th meeting of the 7th session of Board. The meeting mainly discussed and approved the 2014 annual operational plan, 2014 annual fixed assets investment plan, 2014 annual FDI plan as well as 2014 annual financial budget. All together 9 directors attended the meeting in person or by proxies. Representatives of supervisors, senior management, Board Office,Dept. of Economic Operations and Dept. of Finance.
The company has successfully accomplished its 2013 annual targets, with market exploration being greatly enhanced, product manufacturing and project construction completed on schedule, quality management achieved initial success, management upgrading actively facilitated, scientific and technical innovation further elevated and capital market operation constantly moving forward, thus witnessing the company a sustained and steady development.
In the coming year, the company will speed up the “three shifts” from further deepening reform and innovation, further controlling internal management and pragmatically upgrading quality, so as to accomplish 2014 annual tasks and set solid foundation for the realization of 12th 5-year plan. In 2014, the company will continue to explore market in and out of China, quickly expanding its overseas market and promoting international operation. The company will spare no efforts to ensure delivery time, continuously upgrading self-dependent innovative capabilities, further enhancing quality management, management abilities and bringing advantages of public listed company and its brand image into full swing.
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