On 19 February, Mr. Si Zefu, Chairman of DEC Ltd. and Mr. Wang Binghua, Chairman of SNPTC jointly met with Mr. Ruan Jun, Head of Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam.
Chinese enterprises and the Vietnamese counterparts made extensive exchanges regarding the clean energy and peaceful use of nuclear power during the two-day meeting. Mr. Ruan Jun appraised Chinese enterprises for the contributions that have been made in the energy and technical fields. He believes that the arrival of Mr. Si and Mr. Wang is extremely conducive to the communications of science and technology between the two countries, and sincerely hope that China and Vietnam could fasten its closer relations in this regard.
Mr. Si Zefu and Mr. Wang Binghua also visited Vietnam atomic energy bureau, Radiation and nuclear security bureau, EVN and Chinese Ambassador to Vietnam Mr. Kong Xuanyou in Hanoi.
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