On 29 April 2014, DEC Ltd. convened the 2013 Annual General Meeting to mainly discuss and deliberate on 2013 work report of the Board of directors, work report of the Supervisory Board, 2013 profit distribution plan, 2013 Audited Financial Report and so on.

Mr. Si Zefu, Chairman of the Board, acted as chairman of the AGM and presided thereat, and some of the Directors, supervisors, senior management members and auditors of the Company, attesting lawyers and scrutineer for the poll attended the AGM. A total of 27 shareholders and authorized proxies holding an aggregate of 1,143,588,605 shares attended the AGM (onsite viting and online voting), all of them accounting for 57.07% of the total number of shares with voting rights. Hong Kong Registrars Limited, Beijing King & Wood Mallesons, ShineWing Certified Public Accountants, and some Media reporters also attended the meeting.
Mr. Si Zefu reported to the fellow shareholders the 2013 operational status and 2014 business plan. In 2013, facing the severe economic situation in and out of China, the Company persisted in promoting “three shifts”, striving steadfastly and pragmatically to develop and accomplished perfectly the annual operational target, maintaining a sound and sustainable development momentum. In 2013, the company achieved the total operational revenue of RMB 42.4 Billion, up YOY of 11.32%; the net profit attributed to the shareholders amounts to RMB 2.349 Billion, up YOY of 7.22%; the EPS was RMB 1.17 while the gross profit margin went to 20.1%, almost flat YOY. During the reporting period, the Company extensively carried forward the market exploration, with orders in hand maintaining above RMB 130 Billion. The year 2014 is a critical year for deepening the reform, transformation and upgrading. The company is scheduled to accomplish a total 33GW output capacity of power generating equipments, flat with last year, however, the focus would be shifted to efficiency, reform, risk control, strengthening of revenue and cost effectiveness, designed to promote sustainable development.
The 2013 annual profit distribution plan is presented as follows: grounded on the baseline of total 2,003,860,000 shares by the end of 2013, to distribute a cash dividend of RMB 0.18 per share (tax included), totaling RMB360,694,800. Stock dividend and the capital reserve transferred to common shares are not to be implemented.
Meanwhile, the meeting also discussed and approved 2013 Work Report of Supervisory Board, 2013 Profit Distribution Plan After Tax, 2013 Audited Financial Report, 2014 Accounting Firm Appointment Proposal, 2014-2016 Three Year Shareholder Return Plan, Modification on Articles of Association, and so on.
The actual cash dividends will be delivered to the shareholders according to the bonus distribution procedures stipulated in the 2013 profit distribution plan.
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