On 30 April 2014, DEC Ltd. held the 1st quarterly results teleconference right after the disclosure of the 1st quarterly report. Over 80 fund managers, analysts and institutional investors in and out of China joined in the meeting. CFO and company secretary Mr. Gong Dan, General Manager of Nuclear Power Division Mr. Wang Hong, Deputy General Manager of Wind Power Division Mr. Zhang Meng, Director of the Board Office Mr. Huang Yong, Director of Department of Finance Mr. Zeng Yi attended the meeting.
Mr. Gong Dan addressed the operational status of the company in the first quarter from perspective of financial situation, order structure, and industrial tendency. In the Q&A session, the present company leaders responded to the investors upon the concerned questions such as the thermal power order status, nuclear power future market situation, wind power business, overseas business development, annual order structure and gross profit fluctuation, etc.
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