On 4 June, CSRC Issuance Examination Committee convened the 77th meeting to deliberate and approve DEC Limited’s public issuance of RMB 4 Billion A share convertible bonds. Chairman of DEC Ltd. Mr. Si Zefu, Company Secretary Mr. Gong Dan and nominated advisors jointly attended the oral examination meeting.

To further enhance DEC’s “Three Shifts” and “Go Global” Strategies, realizing key-note breakthrough in core product technologies and upgrading competitiveness of products and services, DEC Ltd. officially launched the proposal to publicly issue A share convertible bonds on 9 October 2013, with total investment no more than RMB 4 Billion. The project is inclusive of 7 equity investments that used for overseas EPC, BTG projects and R&D upgrading projects.

On 19 December 2013, the proposal was discussed and approved by 2013 1st extraordinary general meeting and the general meeting of shareholders invested the Board with full power to attend to this matter. By the latter part of December, the application that submitted to CSRC was accepted, through repeated discussion and reviews, DEC submitted later the supplementary information of due diligence investigation and materials related to the Annual Report by request. On 30 May 2014, the company was officially notified by CSRC that the project would be put on agenda on 4 June by the application committee.


The successful launching of the said project shall be another significant operation of DEC Ltd. in the capital market, which will be conducive to the overseas operation and R&D capability of the company, greatly reinforcing the competitiveness and risk control capacity of the company. DEC Ltd. will strictly act in line with the reply of CSRC and all relevant issuance procedures, in order to ensure the complete success of the said project.


The announcement of the above news was simultaneously disclosed in Shanghai Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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