0n 26 June 2014, Han Zhiqiao, Vice President of DEC Ltd. met with visiting Hydro Electric Power System Engineering Company (HEPSEC) delegation headed by General Manager Sun Renhao. Mr. Han reviewed the process of formulating the objective for the first unit generating of Nandipur 425MW CCPP project in Pakistan on 30 May (2014), acknowledging the benefit for both sides from its realization and extending appreciation for efforts made by HEPSEC.

Mr. Han also made arrangement for next phase of the Nandipur project, calling on continuous joint-hands of HEPSEC and DEC to attain heavy oil generating, commercial operation and Taking-over Certificate of the project as soon as possible. Mr. Sun responded that adhering to the vision of cooperative win-win, HEPSEC would keep the big picture in mind and live up to DEC’s entrustment by achieving synchronization of all three units of the said project in the shortest time.

Both sides extensively exchanged ideas and reached consensus on formulation and execution of construction plan after completing 30 May objective.

Zhang Guorong, Vice President of DEC Ltd. International(DECLI),Chen Yongping, Project Manager of Nandipur Project of DECLI, Tang Yiyue, Deputy Manager of Projects Management Division of DECLI, Guoyong, Vice General Manager of HEPSEC, Xu Renxiang, Project Manager of HEPSEC etc. attended the meeting.

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