Contract signing ceremony for China Huadian Corporation (Huadian) Fujian Shaowu phase Ⅲ 2×660MW boiler is held Dec.9 at DEC Science and Exhibition Hall. Zhang Zhiying, executive vice president of Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited (DEC Ltd.), and Deng Pingqiang, vice general manager of Huadian Fujian, present the ceremony.

Before the ceremony, Deng and his delegation was shown around the Science and Exhibition Hall and briefed about DEC Ltd’s boiler technology. In the follow-up meeting, Deng and Zhang introduced each company’s development status to the other.

Huadian Fujian is in charge of Huadian’s business presence in Fujian province. So far it has built such power plants as Yong’an, Zhangping, Xiamen, Longyan, Shaowu etc. in Fujian. Shaowu phase Ⅲ 2×660MWpower plant has been listed as key preparatory project by Fujian provincial government, scheduled to electrify Yingtan-Xiamen Railway and ease the power shortage in northern and eastern regions of the province.

Song Jianguo, deputy head of DEC Ltd. Marketing, hosts the ceremony. Deng Pingqiang and Liu Gang, deputy head of DEC Ltd. Marketing, sign the contract on behalf of each party.

Tang Yong, vice general manager of Dongfang Boiler Co., Ltd. (DBC), Liang Zhaosheng, thermal power manager of Huadian Logistics, Wang Zhiyong, general manager of Huadian Fujian Shaowu Energy Ltd. and Su Zubin, deputy general manager of Huadian Fujian Shaowu Energy Ltd. attend the ceremony. Deng and his delegation visit DBC’s manufactory in Deyang city after the event.
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