On 5 February 2015, Mr. He Yu, Chairman of CGNPC, Mr. Gao Ligang, President of CGNPC, and Mr. Shu Guogang, President of CNPEC Paid visit to DEC. Mr. Wang Ji, Chairman of Dongfang Electric Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “DEC”), Mr. Si Zefu, General Manager of DEC and Mr. Gao Feng, Vice President of Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited warmly received the guests.

Both parties made extensive discussions in the meeting after quick inspection on the equipment manufacturing progress in Dongfang Tubine Co. Ltd., Areva-Dongfang Joint Venture, and Dongfang Electric Machinery Co. Ltd.. In the addressing, Mr. Wang Ji expressed his deep thanks for CGNPC in its support and trust of DEC throughout the development of nuclear businesses. Mr. He Yu shortly retrospected the cooperative history between each other and briefed the audience the next development plan of CGNPC in a view to deepen cooperation. He particularly mentioned that sound nuclear equipment manufacturing is vital in supporting the comprehensive nuclear safety. Mr. Si Zefu also noted that DEC shall spare no efforts in meeting the needs of CGNPC and welcome the next climate of nuclear power develppment.

Upon the witness of both parties’ leaders, DEC and CGNPC signed the “Strategic Cooperative Agreement upon technological support of nuclear power operation and guarantee of spare parts supply” and “supply contract of RCP for Fangchenggang power plant phase II unit 3 &4”.

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