On 22 May, the signing ceremony of Fangchenggang Phase II (Hualong No.1) unit 3&4 steam generator supply contract was held in Daya Bay. DEC, DFHM, CGNPC and Canada B&W company respectively signed the steam generator supply contract and sub-contract. Mr. Shangguan Bin, Deputy General Manager of CNPE, Mr. Gao Feng, Vice President of DEC Ltd., as well as Mr. John MacQuarrie, President of Canada B&W company jointly witnessed the ceremony and addressed on behalf of each party.

The Fangchenggang Phase II project is the first ever Hualong project of CGNPC and also the second Hualong project that DEC had undertaken the mission to supply the steam generator right after the first Hualong project Fuqing unit 5&6. The references will further reinforce DEC’s advantage in its steam generator manufacturing capability concerning Hualong technology.

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