On March 30, DEC Ltd. disclosed both in Mainland China and Hong Kong its 2015 Annual Report. The 2015 Annual Results Announcement was held by Chairman of the Company Si Zefu in Hong Kong on the same day, with Vice President Mr. Han Zhiqiao, Company secretary and CFO of the company Mr. Gong Dan, General Manager of Nuclear Power Division Mr. Wang Hong, and Securities Representative of the Company Mr. Huang Yong accompanied by attending the activity. 60 or so securities analysts, fund managers and Institutional Investors home and abroad were present at the on-site road show.

While addressing the announcement,Si Zefu pointed out that 2015 is an extraordinary year for DEC in its development when China’s economy is at a critical stage for transformation and power sector in its profound adjustment. DEC, however, by seizing opportunities and overcoming obstacles, has accomplished the set target in a good manner and those achievements are not easily come by. To better adapt to the economic “New Normal”, we proactively change the pace of growth, and forged ahead with “three shifts”, achieved by the end of the year an annual production output capacity of 28GW, greater than that of most other major companies. The year 2016 will be extremely tough for DEC to advance development. At the beginning of 13th Five-Year Period and as a pacemaker in the industry, DEC will be fully committed to shouldering the responsibility and pragmatically working to cut overcapacity and excess inventory, deleverage, reduce costs and adjust structure under current sophisticated domestic and international environment, whereby welcoming the new development impetus in a more proactive way.

Upon the Annual Results Announcements, Mr. Gong Dan briefed the operation results of the Company in 2015, made comparative analysis based on the operation indexes of the Company, and highlighted the operational situation of common interest from investors, such as core businesses, orders in hand, scientific innovation and so on. During the Q&A period, the participants were highly responsive and spared special concern in the development of business segments, profit margin tendency, thermal power market adjustment, growth of new orders, overseas business development and so on. The road show team made correspondent answers to each respective question with great patience and sincerity.

The Annual Results Announcements and Roadshow obtained high attention from the Capital Market and received good repercussion afterwards. The common view of the said party is that DEC place high priority to the Capital Market, sincerely facing the investors and making solid communications with them, representing the responsibility of the Company to the investors, thus building up favorable image of the Company in the Capital Market.

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