From Dec. 13th to 15th, Mr. Si Zefu, Chairman of Dongfang Electric Co., Ltd. led the team to carry out road shows in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. In these cities, the road show team had 4 "one-on-one" and 6  "one-to-many" talks with the investors and exchanged with nearly 50 investment funds.

During the road shows, Chairman Si Zefu gave a comprehensive introduction on the development of DEC Ltd. in recent years, main achievements during the "11th Five-Year Plan" period and the business performance of the first three quarters in 2011; on the basis of business indicator data comparison and analysis, he emphasized that DEC Ltd. took the lead in implementing product structure adjustment, thus laying a good foundation for significant and rapid development. Chairman Si Zefu mainly introduced the condition of continuous connected transactions in next three years, and expressed that, considering the European debt crisis at present and the uncertainty of domestic economic development, the future development is oriented at perfect main work and priority to benefits. Besides, he also especially pointed out that they would continuously keep favorable investor relations and attaches more importance to the effect of capital market on the listed company.



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