On Aug. 29th to 31st, the "2011 APEC SME Summit" jointly sponsored by CCPIT, Sichuan Provincial People's Government and APEC Business Advisory Council was held at Jiaozi International Conference Center, Chengdu. Nearly 800 representatives of the business community, SME, government agencies and news media from Asian-Pacific economies participated in the Summit.

Vice Chairman Sang Guowei of NPC Standing Committee, Li Chuncheng, Standing Committee member of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Chengdu Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Vice President Zhang Wei of CCPIT, Yu Jianhua, Assistant Minister of Ministry of Commerce and leading Party group member, Vice Governor Huang Xiaoxiang of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government attended the opening ceremony of the Summit.

Mr. Wen Shugang, President of DEC Ltd., attended the opening ceremony and took part in “Dialogue with Top 500, Green Wisdom of the Growing Enterprises” as a guest.


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