DEC Ltd.held the fifth Plenary Session of the Seventh Board Meeting, presided over by Mr.Si Zefu, chairman of DEC ltd. on January 18th, 2013. The meeting primarily set to pass the business plan for 2013, the investment scheme of fixed assets for 2013, the foreign investment scheme for 2013, the financial budget for 2013 and so on. Altogther nine directors of the company, in person or through proxies, attended the meeting. Representitives of the Supervisors, Senior Management, the Board Office, the President’s Office, Dept. of Economic Operation and Dept. of Finance were also in attendence of the meeting.

The business plan of DEC Ltd. 2012 was accomplished fundamentally, with market exploration seeing novel achievements, production and engineering management attaining new results, proprietary innovative capabilities hitting new heights, quality management and infrastructure building obtaining new progress, resource allocations gaining new experience, financial management capability stepping onto new levels. Meanwhile, comprehensive risk management and human resources management were also further enhanced, administrative mechanism that fit with market need was established and the work of the board of directors was further regulated.

In 2013, the guiding principle for DEC ltd. lies in the unswervingly promotion of “three shifts”, for deepening the reform, conquering the difficulties, elevating the management level, optimizing the resource allocation, implementing the innovation-driven, quality-focused and steady advancement state of the company. To achieve this, DEC Ltd. sticks fast to promote the management enhancement, to deepen the reform, to explore the market, to push forward the power plant contracting capability, to implement the innovation-driven strategies, to improve and strengthen production and engineering management, to elevate the quality management level, to dig potentials and increase efficiencies, to enhance the brand construction and capital market operation and also to actively fulfill our social responsibilities.

After the board meeting, DEC Ltd. held as well the first meeting in 2013 with the Audit and Review Committee. The auditing accountant reported to the Audit and Review Committee over issues related to DEC Ltd. 2012 financial statement auditing program and debriefed the main problems of the pre-audit phase as well as the focal points of the final audit phase. At the same time, the Audit and Review Committee also heard work statement from the Dept. of Auditing of the company.
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