On 18 May local time, 1×300MW STANARI power plant project kick-off meeting together with the Anniversary Celebration of EFT Group (project owner) was held at the site in Bosnia & Herzegovina, which attracted distinguished guests such as President of Serb Republic Mr. Dodik, Premier Ms. Cvijanovic, Minister of Ministry of Industrial Energy and Mine Mr. Kovacevich, China's ambassador to Bosnia & Herzegovina Mr. Dong Chunfeng, Britain’s ambassador to Bosnia & Herzegovina and so on. Member of DEC Party Committee, President and Executive Director of DEC Ltd. Mr. Wen Shugang, DEC Ltd. International Deputy General Manager Mr. Lang Guoqi also presented at the ceremony.

At the celebration ceremony, President of Serb Republic, China's ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina and President of EFT Group successively delivered speeches, referencing the progress of the said project and DEC Group in the affirmative and expressing deep hope over the project. On behalf of DEC, China’s then ambassador to Bosnia & Herzegovina Mr. Liu Wenxin donated teaching attachments such as computers and projectors to STANARI Primary Schools.

Mr. Wen Shugang delivered a speech at the ceremony. He firstly reviewed the history of STANARI project from signature of contract, effectiveness of contract to the groundbreaking and placed full of confidence over the successful execution of the said project. As DEC’s first EPC contracting project in Eastern Europe, STANARI project will definitely be constructed as the local demonstration power plant and project of high grade, so as to dedicate imperishable monuments for Sino-B&H economic cooperation and mutual friendship.

Mr. Wen Shugang, EFT Group President Mr. Vuk Hamovic and President of Serb Republic Mr. Dodik jointly participated in the cornerstone laying ceremony after the celebration ceremony.

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