On 26 September, 2013 Annual General Meeting and Board Meeting of Dongfang Electric (India) Private Limited was held in Calcutta, India. Executive Director and President Mr. Wen Shugang chaired the meeting.
Mr. Wen Shugang gave credit and encouragement for the work that the company has done during the past year and projected planning and guidance for the future development. Meanwhile in the staff meetings, he heard from both Chinese and Indian staff the suggestions for the development of the company, and share special concern and care for the permanent young employees that settle in India.
Right at the monsoons, Mr. Wen Shugang headed for the site of the office building under downpour, courteously saluting the site workers and overseeing the overall construction situation and progress of works. He also made clear at the site that the company is the first wholly-owned enterprise in the overseas market, both Chinese and Indian staff must made full efforts to build up the platform, deeply exploring Indian markets and setting example for future DEC’s overseas business.
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