Recently, the American McGraw-Hill had released billboard of the 2013 ENR largest global contractors, in which DEC ranked 92nd. This year, ENR has broadened the list of 225 to 250 largest global contractors, of which 55 Chinese mainland enterprises were enlisted and DEC ranked the 20th amongst the enlisted Chinese enterprises.
According to 2013 statistics, the total revenue of the said 250 contractors topped $511.05 billion. From perspective of regional markets, it records that overseas performance mainly came from Asia-pacific markets ($138.814 billion), European markets ($102.262 billion) and Mid-east markets ($91.318 billion), taking up respectively 27.2%, 20%, and 17.9% of the total share and ranking exactly the same compared to last year. From perspective of specialized fields, the 250 global largest contractors still stand as top three in the field of communications and transportation ($130.71billion), petrochemical engineering ($119.773billion) and housing construction ($103.26billion), taking up respectively 25.6%, 23.4% and 20.2% of the total share, with industrial sector ($42.116billion) gaining maximum growing rate of a YoY up of 1.7%.
The enlisted Chinese mainland enterprises had accomplished a total turnover of $67.175billion in overseas projects, with average of top 52 of which reaching $1.283 billion, up from last year of 6.38%.
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