Recently, in a poll conducted by China Securities on the third “Golden Bauhinia” award campaign, DEC Ltd. captured the honorary title of “The Best Public Listed Company for Investor Relations Management”.
Ever since the year 2011, a great many mainland and Hong Kong authorities such as Beijing Association of listed companies, Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association,  Chartered Secretaries, Hong Kong-based Ta Kung Pao have publicized facing the overseas markets a series of activities of “Golden Bauhinia”, and the present year enjoys the third round of celebration. The said award shall be deemed as the public appraisal of largest scale, highest level and greatest credibility by the Chinese capital markets facing both mainland and Hong Kong listed companies and their senior management from its past 2 decades' development. It is not only conducive to the development of the listed company itself, but also beneficial for the outside capital markets and investors to understand in-depth the outstanding listed companies in China, whereby expanding the brand identity and capital impact of Chinese companies in the overseas markets.
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