On 11 March, DEC Ltd. held the 12th meeting of the seventh board to deliberate and has unanimously approved the 2013 Annual Financial Report and 2013 Annual Report. Mr. Si Zefu, Chairman of the Board, presided the meeting, with three supervisors attending as nonvoting delegates.
In 2013, the company nevertheless faced tough situation in and out of China, yet with firm pursuit of “three shifts”, the company tenaciously strived to succeed and upheld the pragmatic progression, finally realizing a steady growth in production capacity, revenue and profit. With annual output capacity of 34735MW, the production volume of the year still took the lead globally. Annually, the gross revenue of the company amounts to RMB 42.4 billion, up YOY 11.32%; the net profit attributed to the shareholders of the company amounts to RMB 2.349 billion, up YOY 7.22%; EPS of the company reached RMB 1.17 while the main business gross margin take the percentage of 20.1. As to the dividend, the company is scheduled to distribute a cash dividend of RMB 1.8 per 10 shares, totaling RMB 360,694,800.00 (tax included). By and large, the company, with its sound performance in 2013, has delivered a satisfactory report to the mass investors.
In 2013, the company proceeded with its market expansion and maintained orders in hand of over RMB 130 billion. Specifically, the 1000MW class high-efficient high-parameter boiler, nuclear power equipments and F-class gas turbines hare maintained the leading position with regard to market share. The main products of the company unfolded outstanding innovative outcomes, for instance, the world’s first per-unit capacity of 600MW supercritical CFB boiler, 770MW Xiluodu hydro units, world’s first largest bulb type hydro units Brazil Jirau 75MW units have been put into commercial operation successively; optimized ultra supercritical 1000MW steam turbines has accomplished manufacturing; 300MW F4 class gas turbine has realized batch production and successively been put into operation in Gaobeidian and Shaoxing power plant; the world’s largest per unit capacity of 1750MW nuclear turbine, generator, MSR and SG have accomplished manufacturing and started to install in the power plant; the self-developed 3G nuclear power CAP1400 units, Fuqing ACP1000 units and imported technology AP1000 Xudapu units have all entered into the manufacturing stage; 2.5MW permanent-magnet direct-driven wind power units has passed GL proof test and 5.5MW offshore wind power units realized operation at full load, so far the performance and reliability of our wind power units are gradually upgrading. Apart from the upgraded products, the company has integrated the wind power resources of the company by establishing Wind Power Division; while rearrange the Indian and Indonesian market management model, realizing the industrial upgrading.
The meeting has also unanimously approved the 2013 Social Responsibility Report, 2013 Internal Control and Evaluation Report, the modified Articles of Association, the Next Three-year Shareholder Return Plan, and Proposal regarding 2013 Shareholder General Meeting and so on.
The annual report of the company is scheduled to disclose in Shanghai and Hong Kong from 12 March to 13 March.  
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