On 23 April 2014, the second group of Chinese ambassadors and Counselors stationed abroad visited DEC. Mr. Wang Ji, Chairman of DEC and Mr. Si Zefu, Chairman of DEC Ltd. warmly received the delegation in DEC Science and Exhibition Center.


The visiting delegation members include Chinese ambassadors and counselors and their spouses to altogether 26 countries, such as Poland, Romania, Sweden, India and so on. After a short visit of the Science and Exhibition Hall, the attendees were briefed about DEC historic development, the main products, overseas contracting projects, as well as the scientific innovation status. Mr. Wang Ji addressed the welcoming speech and extended sincere gratitude for the present Excellencies for the help and support that have been lent to DEC while doing overseas projects. Mr. Si Zefu briefed the guests the recent development of the company, with emphasis on the overseas business expansion and project executions, hoping to exchange more with the attendees on precious overseas market information. He also expressed his hearty wishes that the Excellencies presented could help vigorously promote the brand image of DEC in the host countries, so as to realize the dream “Chinese equipments, equip the world”. The presented guests expressed deeply their appreciation to the achievements that DEC has made and indicated support to DEC in exploring overseas and project execution.

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