On Nov.25, Si Zefu, chairman of Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited (DEC Ltd., the Company) presides a special meeting on wind power business management. The meeting is set to brief the internal management of Wind Power Division (the Division) since its foundation in November last year, especially since the launching of entrustment of wind power business this June. Zhang Zhiying, vice president of DEC Ltd. also presents the meeting.

The development of wind power industry calls for managerial update inside the Company to cater to the market. According to the report made on the meeting by Chen Jun, general manager of the Division, the Division has restructured the Company’s wind power business, pooled the Company’s technological R&D resources. So far it has won a market bill of 1,267MW, some 5,350 million RMB worth, 134 percent of the planned, producing over 500 units of equipment, doubling that of the same period last year. The Division is now executing 28 scientific researches and has filed patent for 18 products, obtained 1 international and 19 national certificates. It is particularly noteworthy that the Company’s Wind Power Testing Center recently was accredited by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). 

Si Zefu and Zhang Zhiying speak highly of the Division’s work, adding that the Division must spare no efforts in growing the Company’s wind power business. 

Chen Lihua, chief of Department of Economic Operation, Cao Jianmian and Zhang Meng, deputy general of the Division, wind power business managers from Dongfang Electric Machinery and Dongfang Turbine and some management personnel from the Division attend the meeting.

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