On 23 December 2014, Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited (hereinafter refers to as “the Company”) deliberated and approved the framework agreement of 2015-2017 continuing connected transactions of the Company and Dongfang Electric Corporation (hereinafter refers to as “DEC”) on the Second Extraordinary General Meeting(hereinafter refers to as “EGM”).

Since the framework agreement of 2012-2014 continuing connected transactions is about to expire on 31 December of 2014, the Company puts forward the framework agreement of 2015-2017 to fulfill the future production and management, and then submitted to the EGM for approval. The EGM was chaired by Mr. Wen Shugang, Director and President of the Company. As at the date of the EGM, independent shareholders of 2,360,000,000 Shares (including A Shares and H Shares) attended the voting onsite, by proxy or online, finally deliberated and approved the continuing connected transactions of 2015 Purchase and Production Services Framework Agreement and the 2015 Sales, Production Services Framework Agreement that the Company signed with DEC, and the 2015 Financial Services Framework Agreement that the Company signed with Finance Corporation Limited of DEC.


Previous to the EGM, the Roadshow team (inclusive of Chairmen of Board of Supervisors Mr. Wen Limin, CFO Mr. Gong Dan and Director of Board Office Mr. Huang Yong) led by President Mr. Wen Shugang held roadshows in Singapore, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing respectively and carried out 12 “one-to-one” and 6 “one-to-many” meetings with over 70 institutional investors.


Over the roadshow activities, the team comprehensively introduced to the audiences the overall developmental status of the Company in recent years and the first three quarterly results of 2014, objectively analyzed and presented the industrial development of the Company based on comparative analysis of operational indicators and statistics, meanwhile, responded actively to those fields that being particularly concerned about, such as the nuclear power market development, the power plant renovation market trend, the development of new energy market, the sustainable profitability and industrial development and so on. Apart from that, the next three year continuing connected transactions and the benefits wherefrom were also spotted by the team.


The continuing connected transactions between DEC and the Company that in line with the centralized management of production management and financing is conducive to the profitability and sustainability of the Company. The approval of the said proposal entitled the sustainable operation and legitimacy of the next three-year fund centralized management, whereby laying solid foundation for the sustainable development of DEC.

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