On 13 January,Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”)convened the 19th meeting of the 7th Board, mainly discusses and approved the scheme of operations for the year 2015, investment plan for fixed assets, plan for foreign investment, financial budget and so on.

Facing the severe market situation in 2014, all cadres and workers of the Company meticulously carried out the “three shifts”, tackling tough and accomplished the annual targets that set by the board of directors, with market exploration achieving fresh progresses, production and construction finished as scheduled; reform processes advancing orderly; quality of product manufacturing and project construction, innovative capability and management level being hoisted; capital market operated notably reflecting by the successful implementation of RMB 4 billion A share convertible bonds and the completion of examination and approval upon 2015-2017 continuing connected transaction and so on. Generally, the Company maintained steady and sustainable development onwards.

Confronted with the economic “New Normal” that put forward by the Chinese government, the Company is poised to pushing on focal point of the work as follows: 1. Reform with keen determination and explore business and management vitality; 2. Explore new market with all its strength and lay solid foundation for sustainable development; 3. Organize scientifically and put across all production and construction work; 4. drive innovation and elevate the reformative capability; 5. Practice thrift, tap the potential, improve efficiency and make sure sound development; 6. Continuously improve and promote the quality level; 7. Tamp foundation management and boost the anti-risk capability; 8. Further enhance brand promotion and operation in the capital market.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Si Zefu, Chairmen of the Company, with 9 directors attended in person of in proxies, all supervisors, most senior management personnel, representatives from the Board Office, Department of Economic Operation, and Department of Finance attended as a nonvoting delegates.

After the meeting, the Company held the first meeting of Remuneration and Review Committee and the first Audit and Review Committee in 2015 to discuss and approve relevant issues. Upon the Audit and Review Committee, annual verification accountant and review committee made specifications for the auditing plan for the 2014 financial statements and reported the audit keynotes for the final stage. Meanwhile, the Audit and Review Committee also listened to the working report of the Company Audit Department.

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