At 8:11 a.m. on 31 January 2015, good news comes as the unit 1 of Duyen Hai 2×622MW thermal power plant that undertaken by Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited (hereinafter called “the Company”) accomplished the first successful generation of electricity. All the technical parameters stay ahead of the relevant counterparts in China.

The successful combination to the grid witnessed great efforts from the dedicate organization and management of the Company as the contractor, and the active coordination from Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute, Sichuan No. 3 Electric Power Construction Company, Hunan Thermal Power Construction Company, Guangzhou Salvage Bureau, Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute and so on. Mr. Wang Ji, Chairman of Dongfang Electric Corporation, Mr. Ruan Luan, Chairman of Vietnam No. 1 Electricity Generation Company and all the counterparts jointly witnessed and shared the joy of the success.

The Duyen Hai project is the first ever 600MW class thermal power project that DEC undertook as the contractor, which is also the first 600MW class thermal power project that successfully put into operation in Vietnam. The achievement shows perfectly the capability of the Company and the concrete measures that the Company had taken in answer to the “Go Global” strategy that the country had advocated.

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