On 30 March DEC Ltd. unfolded 2014 Annual Report both in Mainland China and Hong Kong. The next day, 2014 Annual Results Announcements was held by Mr. Wen Shugang, President of DEC Ltd., and the team in Hong Kong, whereas synchronous video live broadcasting  in and out of China.Company secretary and CFO of the company Mr. Gong Dan, General Manager of Nuclear Power Division Mr. Wang Hong, accompanied the acitivity by attending the meeting. A hundred and more securities analysts, fund managers and Institutional Investors at home and abroad have participated in the 2014 Annual Results Announcement.

Addressing at the Results Announcement, Mr. Wen said, “the unpredictable market competition will only tolerant and survive those enterprises that are constantly progressing, and share value with clients and investors. Through half a century, DEC Ltd. is constantly bearing in mind the interests of clients and sharing mutual benefits with clients and investors, strive to construct a world-class energy generating equipments manufacturer with international competitive edge. In 2014, the company successfully signed major projects with orders in hand over RMB 120 billion. What’s more, with annual output capacity of 34455MW, the company exceeded the annual target for production and kept to the promise made to the clients, making sure the construction milestones and product delivery of key projects. The substantial price fall and obvious profit down didn’t prevent the company to operate smoothly. Through sincere communication with clients and investors in 2014, we nevertheless gained recognition from capital market, successfully issued RMB 4 billion A share convertible bonds, gained support and approval for proposal upon 2015-2017 constant connected transaction, and obtained the honor “2014 Annual Top 100 Most Respectable Public Listed Companies by Investors”.      

Where referring to the development trend and vision, Mr. Wen said, “the year 2015 is both the last year for 12th 5-year plan and a critical year for us to deepen the reform and upgrading. Despite numerous challenges and uncertainties, we still believe firmly, that deepening reform will definitely create more development opportunities. We will devote ourselves fully in reform and innovation to add vitality, control stringently the cost and improve efficiency to seek development. We will center upon economic efficiencies, be oriented by market demand, supported by technological innovation, unswervingly advancing alongside the expected strategic path, fastening the upgrading and shifts of the enterprise while seeking innovative development.”

Upon the Annual Results Announcements, Mr. Gong Dan briefed the operation results of the Company in 2014, made comparative analysis based on the operation indexes of the Company, and highlighted the operational situation of common interest from investors, such as core businesses, orders in hand, scientific innovation and so on. During the Q&A period, the participants were highly responsive and spared special concern in the development of business segments, profit margin tendency, thermal power market adjustment, growth of new orders, overseas business development and so on. The roadshow team made correspondent answers to each respective question with great patience and sincerity.

The Annual Results Announcements and Roadshow obtained high attention from the Capital Market and received good repercussion afterwards. The common view of the said party is that DEC place high priority to the Capital Market, sincerely facing the investors and making solid communications with them, representing the responsibility of the Company to the investors, thus building up favorable image of the Company in the Capital Market.

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