On 31 March, the founding ceremony of Dongfang Electric Wind Power Co., Ltd. (DEW) was officially held in Deyang city. Mayor of Deyang city Mr. Chen Xinyou, Deputy Chairperson of Local People’s Congress Mr. Jiang Guohua, Chairman of DEC Mr. Wang Ji, President of DEC Mr. Si Zefu, Vice President of DEC Ltd. Mr. Gao Feng joined the celebration ceremony and witnessed thereon the historic moment.

Ever since the wind power business was involved in 2004 and the first batch of wind power units being operational in 2005, DEC has been devoted in the development of Chinese wind power industry for more than a decade, achieving R&D capability from nothing, holding the most diverse technological schools, namely, double-fed and direct-drive, and already produced wind power products from 1MW to 5.5 MW unit capacity. Wind power industry, with subordinate 4 components manufacturing companies, 5 machine production bases and 6 service sits, have been ranked 4th domestically in terms of its total installed capacity. The over 6000 wind power units that located inland and territorial areas have shaped powerful beams of green energy landscape.

The R&D capability and export business of Dongfang Electric wind power industry have both achieved international standard, where the wind power test center holds the world total power test bed with the world largest experimental power and full function, capable of realizing 6MW towing test of complete machine power, grid power simulation test, components and parts tests. The center has officially been accredited by CNAS and the test results wherefrom will be recognized globally. The Blakein wind power units manufactured by DEC for Swedish SkellefteaKraft Company (SKAB) was delivered, marking the first ever export of wind power units produced by Chinese company to Sweden and also symbolizing the beginning of DEC’s wind power products being scaly going abroad. Chinese wind power company, with its own technology and quality, can finally fill a proper place in the European Market.

The establishment of DEW represents the fruits bore from DEC deepened reform. It came down to the most extensive integration ever in DEC, and alters the past operational model from “independent R&D and independent development” to whole process integration inclusive of wind power market, technology, production and service. Direct drive and double fed types of units are finally able to consolidated into unified administration, whereby enhancing the core competitive edges.

Mayor Mr. Chen Xinyou and Chairman Mr. Wang Ji unveiled the nameplate and addressed the meeting. Mayor Chen said, “wind power, as the ‘low-pollution and renewable clean energy’ is the new energy that the State strongly advocated. The local government will unwaveringly support corporate development and provide therefore qualified service and sound environment for corporate to stay healthy. We also hope DEW could realize sustainable development and finally lead the world in wind power business. ” Chairman Mr. Wang said, “wind power is gradually becoming substitute energy to the traditional one, and will be a major choice for future energy consumption. DEW shall find its way ever deeper into consumers’ hearts as the DEC Brand, surging ahead the development of DEC and offer ourselves, the customers, all walks of life a satisfactory answer sheet. ”

Henceforth, oriented by market demand, DEW will hold high the new energy banner, depicting blueprints in conformity with “green energy, drive the future”, striving to be a world-class supplier to offer integrated solutions for wind power.

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