On 29 April 2015, the Vietnam Duyen Hai 2×622MW thermal power project phase I unit 2 that contracted by DEC was successfully combined to the grid, which is another significant milestone after the unit 1 becoming operational on 31 January 2015.

China Daily Hanoi branch head Wang Jian witnessed the whole process of unit 2 from running to combining to the grid during his interview. Afterwards, He interviewed Mr. Li Haishan, Vice General Manager of Duyen Hai Phase I project. Mr. Li is satisfied with the present construction scheduling of Duyen Hai Phase I and highly praised DEC for its close interaction, sincere cooperative attitude with the client. He also expressed thanks and congratulations for the hard work and the obtained achievements, laying high hope for Duyen Hai’s future operation.

Ever since the project was initiated in April 2011, all the heads and staff from the fifth project division of DEC Ltd. International spare no efforts in constructing the project on schedule, in the course of which, fighting against the scorching sun, the torrential rain, and the anti-Chinese riots, finally embracing the sound situation like today, laying solid foundation for obtaining PAC in the near future.

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