On 21 May, Dongfang Tubine Co., Ltd., Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. together with SEPCO III jointly signed Pakistan QASIM2×660MW Emergency Coal-fired power plant equipments supply contract, indicating the official initiation of the first “Sino-Pakistan Economic Corridor” project.

Pakistan QASIM 1320MW thermal power project is the first ever “implementation project with priority” signed after the Sino-Pakistan Economic Corridor that drawn great attention to. The successful construction of the project will largely alleviate the power shortage in Pakistan with annual power generation of about 9.5 billion kw-hrs. It shall also exert strong and significant influences upon the power restructuring, and will be conducive to relieving demand and supply contradictions, bettering investment environment optimization, promoting infrastructure construction and employment, as well as uplifting livelihood and so on.

The signing of the said contract is strategically pushing forward the “Belt and Road” initiative and also help forge ahead the strong and intimate friendship between the two countries.

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