On 22 January 2016, with genial sunshine and agreeable breeze, the Vietnam Duyen Hai 1 Project 2×622MW units that EPC contracted by DEC realized its successful handover to the client.

The eye-catching celebration ceremony was held at the project site, with senior officials from the Vietnami government and EVN bearing witness.

President of DEC Ltd. Mr. Wen Shugang attended and delivered a keynote speech at the celebration ceremony. He noted that the successful power generation of Duyen Hai 1 Project will definitely lay solid foundation for DEC’s follow-up exploration of Vietnam’s power market.

The Duyen Hai 1 Project is a large-scale overseas thermal power project that undertaken by DEC. Right after the successful completion of Unit 1&2 reliability tests and performance tests, both units successively realized the signing of PAC within a month, marking the triumphant handover of the project to the client and DEC’s rich fruits in its involvement of “Belt and Road” Initiative.

Mekong River, originated from China, follows through 5 countries of the Indo-China Peninsula before entering into South China Sea. The natural geographical environment streams together China and countries around the Indo-China Peninsula, and rendered here a major foreland of China’s “Belt and Road” initiative. Duyen Hai, a small county of Trà Vinh Province in Vietnam, sitting in estuaries of two tributaries of Mekong River, about 250 km away from the largest city Ho Chi Minh, has become an important industrial county of Vietnam over the recent years due to the construction of large-scale power plant.

With scheduled capacity of over 4000MW, Duyen Hai power plant is expected to turn into the biggest in Vietnam after its completion. DEC is in charge of phase I 2×622MW and phase III 2×660MW projects’ EPC construction and main equipment supply. Beforehand, DEC has already completed Vietnam Haiphong phase I&II 4×300MW thermal power project EPC construction, the main power supply in the north Vietnam, which has also been appraised as the “Demonstration Power Plant” in Vietnam. Regarding hydro power, DEC has sequentially signed a series of contracts regarding supply and installation of complete sets of mechanical and electrical equipments for 24 power plants, with total installed capacity of 2600MW, taking up over 20% of the total hydro power construction.  The favorable unit performance, excellent service and contractual capability has set sound tone of DEC in further opening up Vietnam power market.


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