On 29 April, DEC Ltd. Convened the 8th Board Meeting to deliberate and approve 2016 First Quarterly Report. Chairman Si Zefu presided over the meeting, 9 directors of the board attended the meeting in person or in proxy, with supervisors, representatives from the Board Office, Department of Finance attending as nonvoting delegates.

According to the unanimously approved 1st Quarterly Report, the company realized an operating revenue of RMB 9.287 billion, up YoY 20.84%; an addition of new orders worth RMB 13.68 billion, up YoY 23.91%; a power generation output capacity of 5271MW, down YoY 51.6%; the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company of RMB 4 million; earnings per share RMB 0.002, down YoY 95.92%, plummeting to an all-time low.

The first quarterly results unveiled an extremely fierce completion from the markets home and abroad. Despite growth seen in operating revenue and new orders, the tumbling product consolidated gross profit greatly impaired the total profit index, posing severe threats to the annual operation. The company will, drawing on the expected target, thoroughly work out the “three shifts” and maintain a stable operation.

The 1st Quarterly Report was duly disclosed both in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

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