Fortune China released this year’s China Top 500 List where DEC Ltd. comes in at 160.

Main business of DEC Ltd. include clean and high-efficient power generation equipment, new energy equipment, hydro power and environmental protection equipment and engineering projects and services, of which market share of nuclear NI exceeding 50% domestically, nuclear main equipment such as SG, RCP, PRZ taking up over 40% of domestic market, hydro power over 40%, thermal power 30%, HD gas turbine as industrial leader and total installed capacity of wind power equipment placed as Top 10 in China.

The total revenue of the 500 Chinese enterprises listed reached RMB 30.77 trillion yuan, up YoY 1.2%; net profit goes to RMB 2.74 trillion, up YoY 1.5%; operating revenue and profit growth rate (5% and 6% respectively) both declined substantially. This year, the threshold annual revenue for entry into the list was RMB 9.608 billion yuan.

Fortune China pointed out that 2016 Top 500 Chinese enterprises reflected a new tendency in Chinese economic development, that is, a sharp contrast between the real and virtual economy, of which, enterprises under the secondary industry became infrequent on the list and those corporations under deficit are on the rise. The pressure to cut inventory and production capacity is still mounting. On the other hand, the financial deepening is the natural course of corporate production efficiency upgrading, however if at wrong direction, will lead to economic bubbles and resources mispairing.

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