Right after the disclosure of 2016 interim results of the company, DEC Ltd. held a teleconference to present the results and later a non-deal roadshow activity led by President Wen Shugang was carried out in Hong Kong. Close to 100 analysts and fund managers in Mainland China and Hong Kong went online to join the teleconference and multiple “one to one” meetings were held between the company and international fund companies during the roadshow in Hong Kong.

The company spelt out problems and causes of major concern to our investors, i.e. descending in achievements, with clear transparency, and made open and in-depth exchanges with fellow investors regarding future market, new orders and the backlog, overseas market expansion, as well as the our advantageous positioning in developing nuclear power, wind power and power plant service business.

The interim results announcements and roadshow followed closedly by the Capital Market and received desirable repercussion afterwards. The investors are convinced that the company explicitly clarified the current operational status, the possible causes wherein and indicated specifically the directions towards future development.

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