On 10 November, unit 48 of Brazil Jirau HPP enjoyed a one-time successful startup and was handed over to the client after completion of commissioning on 18November. The successful handover of the unit 48 indicates that all 22 units that DEC provided for Jirau HPP have been successfully put into use.

On 17 December 2008, DFEM, a subsidiary of DEC Ltd. signed with Engie Brazil Branch (the then “GDF Suez”), the world top 3 energy group, equipment supply contract for Brazil Jirau HPP project with total amount of 22 units. The signing of the contract not only promoted and expanded cooperation scope between BRICS, but also marked DFEM’s positive response towards the “Belt and Road” development strategy that the State advocates. Our market was quickly extended from Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid America, to Latin America.

Brazil Jirau HPP, with 50X75MW total installed bulb-type units, is at the forefront in terms of per unit capacity of the same kind; its total installed capacity is only second to Itaipu HPP; it not only symbolizes the largest HPP units exporting project considering of the contractual value, the single greatest amount regarding the export of Chinese power generating equipment, but also the first package supply of HPP equipment to Latin American market.

Over the years, through unceasing efforts in developing bulb-type hydro power units, DFEM has established advanced bulb-type water turbine simulation test stand, and made critical breakthroughs in low water head, large volume axial-flow type and bulb-type units. Presently, DFEM has successfully developed Hongyanzi 30MW large scale bulb-type units, filling up the domestic gap in this field; later, DFEM also successfully developed the largest per unit capacity Qiaogong power plant 57MW bulb-type units; the brazil Jirau 75MW bulb-type units—the world largest—initiates DFEM to the forefront concerning the design and manufacture of super large bulb-type hydro power units.  

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