On March 30th, DEC Ltd. had disclosed its its 2011 Annual Report. At the same day, Mr. Wen Shugang, President of the Company, led a delegation to hold 2011 Annual Results Presentation in Conrad Hong Kong Hotel in Hong Kong. The delegates from DEC Ltd. included Mr. Han Zhiqiao, Vice President of the Company, Mr. Gong Dan, chief accountant and secretary to the Board of the Company, etc.

Analysts, portfolio managers from domestic and overseas securities companies and institutional investors were presented. This Presentation adopted the method of live webcast in both Chinese and English for the first time, which enabled hundreds of investors inconvenient to be present to participate and ask questions through the Internet. This method not only satisfied the needs of domestic and overseas investors, but also expanded the influence of the Presentation. In 2011 Annual Results, there was a fast growth in the output, sales revenue, and profits in the Company. Besides, the operating results maintained continuous growth for many years. This Presentation received great attention for domestic and overseas investors.

In the Presentation, President Wen Shugang gave a speech. He introduced the operating results in 2011, the market development in nuclear power, gas turbine, hydro power and also overseas market. He also gave us analysis of the development of power equipment market, and expounded the prospect of 2012 business performance. In the Q & A section, the participants present discussed the hot issues and topics with the delegation.

The success of the Presentation zoomed in the communication between the Company and the investors, and enhanced the positive image of the Company in capital market.


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