Mr. Si Zefu Present at the Celebration Ceremony for Huadian Group Exceeding 100 Gigawatts’ Installed Generating Capacity and Completion of Lai Chau Phase I Project

On December 17th, 2012, Mr. Si Zefu, President of DEC and Chairman of DEC Ltd., attended the celebration ceremony for China Huadian Corporation (hereafter referred to as Huadian) exceeding 100 gigawatts’ installed generating capacity and the completion of Lai Chau phase I Project in Lau Chau, Shandong Province.

The ceremony was presided by Mr. Li Qingkui, Secretary of Party Committee of Huadian. Mr. Sun Shaopin, Vice Governor of Shandong Province; Mr. Yun Gongmin, President of Huadian, Mr. Chen Feihu and Mr. Chen Jianhua, Vice President of Huadian; and Principals of branch offices of Huadian in respective provinces attended the ceremony. In the meantime, Mr. Si Zefu, Mr. Yun Gongmin and Mr. Li Qingkui further exchanged views upon aspirations of cooperation. Mr. Si Zefu expressly emphasized that DEC is willing to further enhance the cooperation with Huadian, through ameliorating product quality management, committing to all-roundly satisfying the needs of the customers while realizing mutual benefits for each party.

Mr. Zeng Xianmao, Director of Technology and Quality Department of DEC Ltd. and Mr. Liu Xinggui, General Manager of Gas Turbine Division of DEC Ltd. also accompanied at the ceremony.
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