DEC Ltd. Held Board Meeting to Pass 2012 Annual Report

On March 27th, 2013, DEC Ltd. held the 6th meeting of the 7th Board Committee. Hosted by Mr. Si Zefu, chairman of DEC Ltd., 9 directors of the board attended the said meeting in person and 3 supervisors attended as nonvoting delegates. 2012 Financial Report of DEC as well as issues relevant to 2012 Annual Report were discussed and unanimously approved during the meeting.

The year 2012 is critical for DEC to tackle tough and enhance transformation. The company adhere to the general instructions of “three-shifts”, emphasizing mainly “restructuring, innovation, management and advancement”, comprehensively carrying out every single operating activity. By overcoming adverse impact of the flat market situation home and abroad and through thick and thin, DEC was trying hard to maintain a steady progress in its development.

In 2012, the operating revenue of the company amounted to RMB38, 100 million, yielding power generating equipments with a total capacity of 32612.5MW. Meanwhile, net profit attributable to the Company in 2012 amounted to RMB2, 200 million; consolidated gross profit margin reached 20.84% in 2012; earnings per share go to RMB 1. 09 in 2012. In regards to the cash dividend plan, DEC is about to distribute a cash dividend of RMB 1.1 per 10 shares (tax included).

In 2012, the remarkable achievements in market expansion enable the company to hold RMB 145 billion orders in hand; the reinforced technological innovation helped accomplish the R&D of Angu 190MW large-scale axial-flow hydro power equipment, Gezhouba 125MW retrofitting units, 1000MW mixed-flow hydro power units and 375MW pumped-storage hydro power units, as well as the technical schemes to upgrade quality and efficiency of 600MW thermal power units. Meanwhile, the world largest 600MW CFB boiler units have already delivered to the client; the world’s largest per-unit 1750MW Taishan nuclear power project has finished its manufacturing of generators; the most sizable and weighted coal water slurry gasifier in China has finished its manufacturing, achieving a breakthrough of zero even in this field.

The said meeting also unanimously approved “2012 Social Responsibility Report”, “2012 Internal Control Evaluation Report”, “The Proposal Regarding General Mandate Entrustment of General Meetings of Shareholders to Board Meetings for The Issuance of New Shares” and “The Proposal Regarding the Convening of 2012 General Meeting of the Shareholders”, etc.

The 2012 Annual Report was disclosed simultaneously in mainland China and Hong Kong on March 28th, 2013.

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