World’s First and Largest 600MW Supercritical CFB Boiler Independently Developed by DEC Put into Operation Successfully

At 8:12 a.m. of April 14th, world’s first and largest 600MW supercritical CFB bolier that independently developed by Dongfang Boiler Corporation Limited (DBC) (subordinated to DEC) successfully finished its 168-hour operation in Sichuan Baima demonstration power plant of Shenhua Guoneng Group with full capacity. During the trail operation, the fully loaded unit operated with an average loading rate of 100.509%, the protection device input rate of 100% and automatic thermal control input rate of 100%, representing the leading position that DEC holds in the technological development of large capacity, high parameter CFB clean coal combustion.

Baima 600MW supercritical CFB demonstration power plant is a key national project during the 12th 5-year plan, a major demonstration project in regards to the application of clean coal combustion technology, and the first ultra supercritical CFB demonstration project in China and the largest over the world.

The successful operation of the said project signified the overall mastery of the 600MW supercritical CFB original design technology by the state key technology equipment manufacturer, and enjoyed epoch-making significance for domestic enterprises to upgrade innovation and independent development capabilities, adjust the energy structures and thereby realizing the energy advancement and protecting the environment.

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