RABEC IPP 2×660MW Units Obtained PAC

On 14 June 2013, the Rabigh 2×660MW thermal power plant project has obtained PAC issued by the utility. The said two units were put into operation on 14 December 2012 and 28 January 2013 respectively.

As the ever first open bidding IPP project of REBEC, Rabigh project has recorded harvests multifold, for instance, it is reckoned as one of the biggest cooperative project between China and Saudi Arabia; it marks the first entry of Bank of China to go into Mid-east market through project commercial financing; it is the biggest power plant that combined to the grid in regards to per unit capacity; it is believed to be the largest independently undertaken project by Chinese contractors in Saudi Arabia; and lastly it witnessed the first export of 60Hz steam turbine-generator units and largest oil burning boiler developed by DEC. The transfer of the said project to the utility is conducive for DEC to accumulating practical experiences in diversifying projects, services, as well as international project contracting.

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