DEC Ltd. Disclosed 2013 Interim Results Via Live Webcast and Teleconferencing

On 29 August 2013, DEC Ltd. disclosed 2013 Interim Results via Live Webcast and Teleconferencing facing the extensive investors. Mr. Wen Shugang, Executive Director and President of DEC Ltd., Mr. Gong Dan, Company Secretary, Mr. Zeng Yi, Director of Dept. of Finance and Mr. Huang Yong, Director of the Board Office attended the said meeting and responded actively upon the concerned questions from the investors.
Mr. Wen Shugang addressed the investors first hand. He mainly expounded operational conditions of DEC Ltd. in the first half of 2013 from the aspects of operating revenue, order structure and industry tendency, etc. During the Q&A period, the attendees were active raising questions regarding the development of environmental-friendly industry, nuclear and wind power business prospects, the new order intakes, tendency of gross margins and so on.
To accommodate more investors of the current situation of the company and strive for coverage of investors to the maximum, 2013 interim results was disclosed through remote roadshow via network platform of Shanghai Information Network Co., Ltd. The mode, lasted 1.5 hours to the end, was also announced beforehand and attracted large numbers of participants.
Immediately followed was the telephone conference that mainly facing the Investment fund managers and securities analysts. The stability in the adversity of the market attracted great attention from the participants and over 100 people concerned were included in the said conference.
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