China’s First Set of Nuclear Power Reactor Coolant Pump Shaft Seal Successfully Manufactured by DEC-AREVA JV

On 21 November 2013, DEC-Areva RCP Co. Ltd. held the celebration ceremony for successfully manufacturing China’s first ever set of nuclear power RCP shaft seal. The big success witnessed the final conquer of the last stronghold for localization of 1000MW nuclear power reactor coolant pump, concluded the incapability of China to ever produce a single 1000MW RCP shaft seal and symbolized the full localization of manufacturing complete sets of RCP all by ourselves. It shall be reckoned as another major milestone for DEC in the process of localization of nuclear power equipment and propelled strongly the force of Chinese localization of nuclear power equipments.
CGNPC Vice president Mr. Gao Ligang, CNPEC General Manager Mr. Shu Guogang, DEC Ltd. President Mr. Wen Shugang, DEC Ltd. Vice President Mr. Gao Feng and so on presented the said ceremony.
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