China Association for Public Companies and VIP Financial Media Paid Visit to DEC

On 1 April, China Association for Public Companies, Sichuan Association for Public Companies, and China Securities Daily, Shanghai Securities Daily, Securities Daily, Securities Times, the 1st Financial Television, Oriental Financial visited DEC and carried out activities such as interviews, surveys and so on. Mr. Si Zefu, Chairman of DEC Ltd. and Mr. Gong Dan, CFO of the company warmly received the guests and gladly join in the interviews.


The said group of guests firstly visited DEC Science and Exhibition Center, where Mr. Gong Dan briefed them the historic development of the company and its public listed operational system. The medias showed special interests to the company development in regards to the thermal power, nuclear power, wind power business, the R&D capabilities, the international business, and the future reform and direction of the company, based on which, Mr. Si Zefu gave through and clear explanations to each concerned questions. Right after the interviews, the reporters headed for Deyang to visit further our subsidiaries such as DTC, DFEM and DBC Deyang Branch.


This is deemed as one of the serial activities of “going into public listed companies” held byChina Association for Public Companies. Right before the occasion, Mr. Gong Dan was invited to attend the “Public Listed Company Investor Relations Management Exchange Symposium” that held jointly by China Association for Public Companies and Sichuan Regulatory Commission, and proposed “the initiative to protect the S&M Investors Legal Interests”.

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