Si Zefu Visited Duyen Hai Power Plant and Organized Contingency Plan

From 23 May to 25 May, Chairman of DEC Ltd. Mr. Si Zefu arrived at the Duyen Hai Power Plant in Vietnam, organized the on-site meeting amongst all the relevant people in charge and visited the local clients through meetings. After repeated discussion and synthesizing various opinions, contingency plan is bound to be established and no blind withdrawal is arranged under current situation.


Commanded by Mr. Si Zefu, the work site established soon the emergency leading team, and stipulated concrete measures to tackle unexpected problems. Si Zefu requested all concerned parties to thoroughly adhere to DEC’s security concept “people-oriented, live safely", in line with our known attitude to be responsible for each family, earnestly safeguarding the life security of our working staff. Meanwhile, each party shall unite as one to ensure the expected schedule of grid combination by the end of the year; each party shall upgrade the management level and enhance efficiency; under any emergencies, all Chinese parties shall hold together and face it together.

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