Haiphong Phase II Unit 4 Obtained PAC; All 4 Units Successfully Handed Over to the Utility

On 12 June 2014, Haiphong phase II unit 4 PAC signing ceremony was grandly held in Vietnam Haiphong Power Plant. Haiphong Thermal Power CO., Ltd., IE, DEC and Marubeni Corp. jointly attended the ceremony. The said event is reckoned as another “miracle “amidst the similar units in terms of its quick delivery of equipments and operation right after the acquisition of PAC for unit 3, and is also building up a new momentum for DEC in Vietnam power market.

The said unit 3 and unit 4 of Haiphong phase II project embraced a short-term time limit of 40 months from its pile foundation construction to the acquisition of PAC.

From 17 February to 12 March, unit 4 accomplished altogether 80 commissioning tests that preset in the contract in only 24 days. In the later 30-day reliability trail operation, it successfully accomplished all the performance tests, including boiler efficiency, turbine heat rate, station service power consumption rate, fume emission and so on.

Haiphong thermal power project phase I and phase II is inclusive of 4X300MW units construction, undertaken jointly by Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited International and Japan Marubeni Corporation.

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