DEC Ranked 119th on the 2014 “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” List

The World Brands Conference that hosted by the World Brand Lab issued the 2014 (11th) China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands ranklist on 25 June in Beijing. Based on the analysis of financial standing, consumer behavior and Brand strength, DEC ranked 119th for its brand value of RMB 17.254 Billion.

In 2004, the entry value needed for joining in the rank list was only RMB 0.5 Billion, however 10 years later, the entry prerequisite in this competition reached RMB 1.835 Billion. In 2012, DEC ranked 120th with its brand value of RMB 11.925 Billion, while in 2013, ranked 122nd for its brand value of RMB 15.186 Billion.

The world brand lab is an internationalized and specialized brand research institute based in New York, USA. Chaired by the Nobel winner, “Father of Euro”, Professor of the Columbia University Mr. Robert Mundell in 1999, it is then wholly affiliated to the world leading strategic consulting firm—World Executive Group ( The experts and consultants are scholars from the world’s top institutes such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, etc., where abundant research outcomes have been important gists for intangible assets assessment in the process of M&A.

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